About Billy McDaniel

Billy McDaniel has been writing novels in his spare time since the age of 15. He has written over a dozen full length books which he humbly refers to as "Practice Novels". The Chronicles of Osiria is his latest writing project, a 12-volume series of short books which will be released electronically, and then published as a paperback/hardcover print sometime in 2014. The Finish, a Las Vegas crime/thriller, was his first published work, which was released in October of 2012.

"Writing is just one of many talents. It just happens to be my favorite thing to do!"
Early in life, Billy McDaniel began as a guitarist. At the age of 14 he dove deep into music. For over 25 years, he has entertained local venues throughout the state of Maine as an accomplished musician.

"I started with poetry when I was young and quickly realized that I had enough creativity to write an entire novel."
As a growing musician, Billy began learning other forms of art that helped accelerate his music career. Graphic arts, website design, logo design, marketing... Billy even started writing articles and photographing bands and amateur models throughout the state of Maine.

"I have always been self-taught. When I started writing The Finish, I wanted to learn magic, so I picked up a few books, watched a few videos, and began practicing several hours a day."
Music, Graphic and Web Design, Magic, Photography, Videography, and Writing may sound like a lot for one person, but Billy strives to master each of his chosen arts.

"I consider myself a Multimedia Artist. It helps me stay focused when I give it a name!"