The Chronicles of Osiria: by Billy McDaniel

The Chronicles of Osiria by Billy McDaniel

Welcome to Osiria, a fantasy world that exists somewhere beneath the soils of modern Earth. This world has existed since the ancient civilizations of Greece and Egypt were separated by the great deluge now known as the Mediterranean Sea. The mighty god Osiris keeps a secret from all of mankind that is so deceptive, it would destroy the world as we know it.

A group of archeologists uncover an ancient portal into the lost kingdom of Osiria and begin to discover some of the delicate truths about the world. If they can survive the wrath of the underworld's mysterious god, will they share the secrets with the rest of mankind?
Osiria invites ancient mythology into the spectrum of the modern day. This is a place where gods and heroes still conflict, where creatures thought to have never existed run free, a place where magic and science are one and the same.

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